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To start a Supermetrics free trial:

  • Click the «Start Free Trial» button and talk with us over Whatsapp to coordinate a discovery call to understand your needs.
  • We will walkthough in the Supermetrics platform and explain you in detail about how Supermetrics can automate your reporting process
  • We will help to set up your Supermetrics account and connect your  data source(s) and destination(s) you want to trial.
  • We will be by your side in the whole process

During your free trial, you can:

  • Connect to any of the 200+ data sources that Supermetrics supports.
  • Connect to any of the 40+ destinations that Supermetrics supports.
  • Transform your data and export it to any platform such as PowerBI, Looker Studio, GSheets, BigQuery and others.
  • Creacte custom fields and modeling your data before analysis.
  • Create custom reports and dashboards.
  • Automate your data reporting process

After your free trial ends:

If you don’t want to continue using Supermetrics after your free trial ends, you don’t need to do anything. Your account will be automatically deactivated.

If you want to continue using Supermetrics after your free trial ends, Datasavvy can help you to choose a best plan for your needs with a competitive pricing. 

How to use your Supermetrics free trial to the fullest:

  • Identify your needs: Before you start your free trial, take some time to identify your data needs. What data do you need to collect and analyze? What tools do you need to integrate with?

  • Set goals: What do you want to achieve with Supermetrics? Do you want to improve your marketing performance? Reduce your costs? Save time?

  • Create a plan: Once you know your needs and goals, plan how to use Supermetrics to achieve them. What data sources will you connect to? What reports and dashboards will you create? Do you need to send your data to PowerBI or BigQuery? Depends

  • Start small: Don’t try to do everything with Supermetrics at once. Start by connecting to a few key data sources and creating simple reports. Once you’re comfortable with Supermetrics, you can add more data sources and create more complex reports.

  • Get help: If you need help using Supermetrics, Datasavvy is Certified Supermetrics Partner and we have  plenty of resources available for you.  


Supermetrics is a powerful data integration platform that can help you improve your marketing performance. Datasavvy is Certified Partner that we can help in the process of automation of your marketing reports. 


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