Supermetrics Alternatives 2024: Top Solutions for Streamlined Data Reporting

While Supermetrics is a valuable tool for many businesses, we at Datasavvy, a Supermetrics Partner, understand it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. This article explores the top alternatives to Supermetrics, highlighting their strengths and unique functionalities. We’ll delve into the features that differentiate these solutions, empowering you to choose the ideal tool for streamlined data reporting tailored to your specific needs.

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When Supermetrics Isn't Enough: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Data Reporting

For over a decade, Supermetrics has been a powerhouse in the data reporting game. Renowned for its ability to seamlessly pull data from various marketing channels and social media platforms, it’s become a go-to tool for many businesses. However, even established players evolve. While Supermetrics recently introduced a price reduction in the last 5 months to broaden its appeal, some users might still find themselves seeking alternatives. This could be due to factors like:

Supermetrics Competitors: Beyond Replication

While Supermetrics remains a leader with over a decade of experience, a vibrant competitor landscape has emerged. Some solutions, like Portermetrics and DataSlayer, primarily focus on replicating core Supermetrics functionalities. These tools often target price-sensitive customers with their lower pricing strategies.

However, the market offers more diverse options. Platforms like Windsor stand out by providing a vast library of pre-built templates, catering to users who value a streamlined approach.

Looking beyond replicating Supermetrics, companies like Improvado, Funnel, Datadoo, and Fivetran offer a distinct value proposition. These tools push the boundaries by introducing advanced automation features and robust capabilities for report creation.

Ultimately, the choice between Supermetrics and its alternatives hinges on your specific needs. Supermetrics’ experience is undeniable, but the market offers a wealth of innovative solutions at various price points and with unique functionalities. This article will delve deeper into these top Supermetrics alternatives, empowering you to identify the perfect tool for your streamlined data reporting needs.

Supermetrics Alternatives: Focus on Price or Functionality?

FocusData extraction & reportingPre-built templates & reporting Reporting & data extraction Reporting & social media focus
Supermetrics Functionality Replication-HighHighHigh
Unique Selling PointExtensive data source integrations Pre-built templates & AI-powered insights. User-friendly interface & social media focus. Streamlined workflow & ease of use.
Pricing StrategyVaried based on data sources & users Lower than Supermetrics Lower than Supermetrics Lower than Supermetrics

Supermetrics vs. Top Competitors

Comparison criteria SupermetricsDataslayerWindsor.aiFunnel.ioPorterMetrics
Data Sources 200+ 45+200+ 500+ 18
Data sources included in their first plan tier Up to 10 data sources Up to 20 data sources.All data sources (100+)All data sources (230+)All data sources (18+)
Refresh time frequency Hourly, Daily, Weekly Daily, with API limitsDailyDailyDaily
Report templates YesNoYesYesYes
Starting price $29 USD / Monthly$35 USD / Monthly$23 USD / Monthly$1,100USD / Monthly$14,9 USD / Monthly
Pricing model Based on data sources, user seats, destinationsBased on usageBased on data sources, user seats, destinationsBased on data sources, user seats, destinationsBased on # of accounts connected
Free trials YesYesYesYesYes
Users access Users per planUnlimited users and adminsUnlimited users and adminsLimited users per planUnlimited users and admins

Choosing the Right Supermetrics Alternative for You

Finding the perfect data reporting tool depends on your company’s size and needs. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate the options:

  • Freelancers & Startups: On a tight budget? Tools like shine with their user-friendly interface, pre-built templates, and attractive pricing. These features can significantly streamline your reporting process.

  • Small Agencies: Need slightly more advanced features but still value affordability? Consider Portermetrics or Dataslayer. They offer core Supermetrics functionalities at a lower cost, making them a good fit for growing agencies.

  • Mid-Size Agencies: Willing to invest for more robust capabilities? Explore a trial of Supermetrics. Compare it with Dataslayer for a side-by-side analysis of features and pricing.

  • Large Enterprises: Demand the most powerful tools? Supermetrics remains a leader with extensive integrations. Additionally, consider advanced solutions like Fivetran, Funnel, and Improvado for their robust automation and reporting functionalities.

  • Absolutely No Budget? Don’t despair! Google offers free data connectors for tools like Google Ads and GA4, which can be used with Looker Studio for basic data exploration.

Remember, the best tool is the one that empowers you to efficiently extract and analyze your data, ultimately driving better decision-making for your business.


The data reporting landscape is thriving, offering a wealth of options beyond Supermetrics. By understanding your company’s size, budget, and specific needs, you can confidently choose the perfect tool for streamlined reporting and data-driven decision making.

As a Certified Supermetrics Partner at Datasavvy, we’re passionate about empowering businesses with the right data insights. We understand the intricacies of each reporting tool and can guide you towards the optimal solution.

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